Dwayne Sealey

Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas

I worked as part of a team of 3 motion designers on the graphics heavy HBO comedy show “Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas.” Below is some of my featured work from the 2 seasons the show aired.

Tally & Shorty

Tally & Shorty

The legendary MK12 created the show opener and overall visual identity of the show. A major part of the identity of Problem Areas were two characters they designed called “Tally” and “Shorty.” They acted as mascots for the show and were frequently used to illustrate concepts that were being discussed or as avatars to represent various people.


All Society > A Society

The first season was completely focused on policing in America and the various issues related to it. The A block introduced the theme for each episode and loosely tied into the aspect of policing that was being examined.

There were many instances where Wyatt wanted to interact with the type and have it illustrate the concept he was talking about. For this one he’s discussing how billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos really want to go to space to establish a new society in space for extremely wealthy people.

Shorty Cop with Kitchen Timer

Wyatt interviewed Charles Tucker, a “Reconciliation Facilitator” who works to improve relations between communities and police departments through open and honest dialogue. In this clip he describes how humbling it is for a police officer in full uniform to struggle with turning off a kitchen timer during a meeting.

Tally & Shorty in Wyatt's Hair

During season 1 Wyatt’s body acted as a stage for punch ins. Here are a couple of examples of his hair being used as a stage.

Hair Crow

Mail Truck ATM

In this clip Wyatt proposes a novel idea to solve the problem of banking deserts.

Problem Oriented Policing

Animation illustrating the concept of “Problem Oriented Policing,” which aims to tackle the root causes of crime as opposed to just arresting and punishing people.

School Funding

The second season of Problem Areas revolved around public education in America and the myriad issues surrounding that subject.

In this clip Wyatt discusses the complicated issues pertaining to funding public schools, charter schools, and everything in between.

Mr. Moneybag sketch

Mr. Moneybag sketch

Rough sketch of Mr. Moneybag which I rigged and animated in AfterEffects using DuIK and Rubber Hose.

Good Boy

The B block of each episode was treated as a non-sequitur to break up the episode and inject some silly humor into the show by proposing unique solutions to common problems.

This clip shows how an app called “Good Boy” would alert men whenever they were doing something that could be considered creepy or downright misogynistic. It would also educate them on how the patriarchy manifests itself in different ways throughout society.

I designed the logo in collaboration with Wyatt and did the main logo animation. Accent animations (long drop shadow & circles) and all compositing throughout was done by Milton Ladd.

Wyatt catches arrow (VFX)

I also got to do some minor visual effects work while on the show. In this clip I composited an arrow and a model pigeon in order to make it look like Wyatt catches the arrow before striking the pigeon.

Problem Shopping 1

I designed and animated these QVC style overlays for a bit about paying back student loans.

Problem Shopping 2

Anime Tears

Wyatt cries in shame when he realizes his Spanish isn’t as perfect as he thought it was. Inspired by the stylized crying often found in anime.

Numbers F*cking

Designed, rigged and animated these numbers to illustrate a crude joke Wyatt made.